The countess sturgeon salat

the countess sturgeon salad

Try a sturgeon salad for a change


·        400 g sturgeon fillet
·        2 dl spicy pickled cucumber bouillon
·        200 g mushroom in slices
·        8 ripe asparagus in slices
·        1 iceberg lettuce

Vodka mayonnaise

·        1 dl mayonnaise
·        3 tbsp vodka
·        1 teaspoon honey
·        Salt
·        Fresh crushed white pepper
·        1 dl whipped cream
·        2 boiled eggs
·        4 tsp rainbow trout roe or caviar
·        Dill

Cut the sturgeon fillet in pieces. Bring the spicy pickled cucumber bouillon to boil and drop the fish in the bouillon. Let it boil a moment. Put a lid on and let it brew for 10 minutes. Take off the lid and leave the fish to chill in the bouillon. Mix the vodka mayonnaise ingredients to a sauce. Mix the sauce with the salad ingredients. Serve the sturgeon pieces on top of the salad. Cut the eggs into halves and top with roe or caviar. Finish with dill.