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Caviar for memorable moments

Welcome alike, both connoisseurs and those who are curious to explore our wonderful range of caviar, one of the world´s best and most environmentally friendly caviar. For a delightful surprise to someone special, we also have the luxury gift packaging.

Enjoy the convenience of receiving your order delivered straight to your doorstep, packed in vacuum sealed metallic tins to maintain the best possible quality for your caviar until consumption.

Caviar is a perishable luxury product that requires temperature-controlled door-to-door delivery. After putting together an order using the form below, you will be asked to request a shipping quote.

Within the EU

For caviar orders above 1 kg delivery is free of charge within the EU countries.

Outside the EU

We can not always predict the costs associated with shipping outside the EU so please request a quote for each individual order.

Orders are to be approved before delivery.

General caviar conditions

  • store your caviar in the coldest place in the refrigerator
  • do not freeze
  • open tins to be used within 2 days

Nordic Black

This rare pale black caviar is only produced by 5% of the sturgeons. Beautiful and delicious, it has slightly smaller eggs than our other varieties and makes a perfect garnish for exclusive starters. Try it with roasted ratte potato, crème fraiche and butter.

30 g 87 €, 50 g 145 €, 125 g 345 €, 250 g 658 €, 500 g 1 317 €

All prices VAT inclusive

Nordic Imperial

Our highest quality caviar is a fresh malossol (low-salt) variety with a sublime, complex flavour. It is a real taste sensation and so best consumed neat or with mild accompaniments, such as blinis and crème fraiche. Enjoy it with champagne.

30 g 105 €, 50 g 175 €, 125 g 417 €, 250 g 795 €, 500 g 1589 €

All prices VAT inclusive

Nordic Royal

This lightly salted caviar has a clean aroma, buttery flavour and long, intense aftertaste. Versatile and indulgent, it makes an ideal topping for luxury canapés and delicate starters. Try it with salmon sashimi or a succulent Norwegian lobster.

30 g 87 €, 50 g 145 €, 125 g 345 €, 250 g 658 €, 500 g 1 317 €

All prices VAT inclusive