Our caviar

The greenest 'black gold' money can buy

Carelian Caviar is a sustainable - and 100 % natural - premium product, produced in crystal-clear Nordic waters on a sturgeon farm in Finland´s beautiful North Carelia water district.

Our farm uses a special indoor farming technique, the Recirculated Aqua System, that allows quality control from spawn to roe, producing luxurious caviar with perfectly balanced texture, aroma and flavour. It´s silky in the mouth, fresh on the nose, and has lingering notes of ocean on the palate.

Cultivation of sturgeons in this way helps to preserve the wild sturgeon population. We care about the environment and treat our fish - as well as the nature around us - with respect.

Enjoy a flavour experience like no other: the taste of natural luxury.

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Carelian Caviar Classic

Classic caviar

A classic mature caviar in Russian style. Made by Russain/Iranian recipe. Selected by the size of the eggs and colour, variations from dark grey to dark black. It has a rich flavour and a long fresh aftertaste of ocean and fish. Shelf life is 12 months from production and 6-9 months from delivery. Always on stock.

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Nordic Black

This rare pale black caviar is only produced by 5 % of the sturgeons. Beautiful and delicious, it has slightly smaller eggs than our other varieties and makes a perfect garnish for exclusive starters. Try it with roast ratte potato, crème fraiche and butter.



Nordic Chef Caviar

This is a new type of affordable caviar, especially made for restaurant kitchens. Packed in 250 and 500 gram metal vacuum tins. Made from sustainable farmed Siberian sturgeons, malossol caviar, totally free from hormones, antibiotics and artificial colours. Minimum shelf life 3 months from delivery.

The flavour is mature and rich, an excellent taste enhancer for various dishes such as sauces, soups, etc.

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Nordic Imperial

Pure indulgence

Our highest quality caviar is a fresh low-salt variety with a sublime, complex flavour. It is a real taste sensation and so best consumed neat or with mild accompaniments, such as blinis and crème fraiche. Enjoy it with champagne.




Nordic Royal

This lightly salted caviar has a clean aroma, buttery flavour and long, intense aftertaste. Versatile and indulgent, it makes an ideal topping for luxury canapés and delicate starters. Try it with salmon sashimi or a succulent Norwegian lobster.