Chef Matti Jämsén, head of the Finnish Bocuse d´Or Team and chef of GW Sundmans restaurant in Helsinki, used the fine black Carelian Caviar in a delicate fish dish combined with trout and oysters.

Finland number four in Bocuse d´Or 2015 in Lyon

The fish theme is inspired by Finland’s arctic nature and its spectacular Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, which light up the skies in flames during cold winter nights.

"The source of inspiration to the side dishes is pure and mystical Finnish nature, in all its diversity and multitude of shapes. Fario trout’s distinctive taste and pleasant texture offer various possibilities for the fish theme. We decided to combine the trout with fine Northern king crab and oysters. In our opinion, they are the perfect partners for this high-class fish. Fario trout, bursting with flavours of the sea, is completed by side dishes which add pure and fresh tastes to the plate. Finally, Finnish caviar beautifully matches the sauce of this dish and gives it a full and luxurious finish."

Matti Jämsén, Chef Bocuse d´Or Finland:

"I find Carelian Caviar to be an amazing Finnish product of the highest quality. The fine texture and delicate taste is unique and comparable to any other world class caviar available. Because of the state of the art farming methods I am confident that I am using a product that is farmed ethically and in a sustainable way, a way which I would like to promote. I hope that as many as possible will get the opportunity to taste this amazing caviar."