The Culinary Team Finland

The National Culinary Team of Finland won the third best ranking in the world in the discipline Hot Kitchen with Carelian Caviar and Carelian Sturgeon in Luxemburg 2014.

Nils-Gustav Höglund, CEO Culinary Team Finland:

"Our decision to use sturgeon and caviar as the main ingredients for the starter rewarded us with third place in the Culinary World Cup 2014 held in November in Luxembourg. Carelian Caviar was the partner we needed in order to succeed at such a high level. Sturgeon is not readily available in the shops and due to this knowledge in how to use an ingredient like it is restricted to a small group of top chefs."

Tapio Laine, Team Leader Culinary Team Finland:

"The Finnish national culinary team is the first to introduce the combination of sturgeon and caviar on a competition menu. We had no idea how to treat the fish within the context of food competitions and therefore spent hundreds of hours in the kitchen trying out different methods. The judges in the Culinary World Cup 2014 agreed it was time well spent and that we now master that particular technique."

Professor Gert Klötzke, Head Coach Culinary Team Finland:

"When the idea of using sturgeon as one of the main ingredients in the Culinary World Cup 2014 it was completely new, no one had tried that before. Sturgeon proved to be a very exciting fish to use, lending itself to a multitude of different preparation methods. Due to the time spent developing recipes the Finnish national Culinary Team now have an unrivalled knowledge of how to use Sturgeon in modern gastronomy and would also be able to share that knowledge with restaurants and others within the hospitality industry. To combine sturgeon and Nordic Royal Caviar I feel has taken gastronomy to new heights."

Kristian Vuojärvi, Captain Culinary Team Finland:

"While systematically researching the ultimate cooking methods for sturgeon we came to realise that it is a fish which lends itself to a multitude of preparation methods. We tried various temperatures and times. We tried curing, pan frying, grilling, sous-vide, pickling and fermenting to name a few. We now have all this knowledge that we would happily share with other colleagues around the world."