What to drink

What do drink with caviar

Carelian Caviar produces elegant sturgeon caviar that evokes the taste of the finest oscietra. Its flavour profile is exquisitely rich and smooth, with buttery notes giving way to a lingering taste of the sea. As such, the caviar can be paired with a wide range of drinks, from classic matches like vodka and Champagne, through to the more unexpected likes of sherry, sake or even water.



This traditional Russian pairing is perhaps the most well known – and for good reason, as vodka complements caviar perfectly. When served ice cold, the crisp, clean flavour of great vodka will bring out the distinctive taste of quality caviar without overpowering it. Choose the best brand you can afford and be sure to keep your vodka in the freezer. It can never be too cold.



Bubbles complement the saltiness of caviar and, when it comes to matching fizz with a luxury product, it’s hard to go wrong with French champagne. If caviar is being served as part of a recipe that involves cream or butter, champagne will help clean the palette and refresh the dish. Select a classic style – vintage if you can afford it – and avoid ‘zero dosage’ varieties, which can be too dry and acidic. Rosé works really well too.


White wine

You often see caviar matched to dry whites, but we’d recommend looking for wines with a bit more residual sugar, like a Riesling or Chenin Blanc. Chardonnay is a good all-rounder too – just avoid oaky styles, which can overpower the caviar. For the same reason, you’ll also want to steer clear of wines with spicy notes. Ask for an elegant wine and spend a bit more than usual.


Dessert wine

Don’t be afraid to try sweet wines with caviar. You’d think these would be overpowering but it’s a match that works surprisingly well. Look out for a sparkling Moscato d’Asti with some acidity and serve it well chilled.



Want to surprise and impress your guests? Prepare a dish involving eggs – creamy scrambled eggs, served in their shells with a generous dollop of caviar on top, perhaps – and pair it with a good Fino sherry. You’ll be the star of the evening.



Caviar works very well in Japanese dishes, so it’s perhaps not surprising that it’s also a good match to sake. Top sushi or sashimi with a good spoonful of caviar and try to steer away from too much ginger and wasabi. Cold sake works best.



Any beverage matched with caviar should refresh the palette without leaving an aftertaste, so why overlook the purest of them all? A crisp, clean sparkling water, served over ice with a slice of lemon, complements caviar beautifully.