What the experts say

Roland Persson, one of Sweden’s most accomplished chefs and restaurateurs, works as quality developer for Carelian Caviar.

With a past as head chef at restaurant of Franska Matsalen at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Roland Persson has extensive experience in tasting and serving different kinds of caviar.

"My favourite way of serving caviar is sashimi of salmon topped with caviar. A touch of caviar, instead of salt and pepper, is amazing on mild fine salmon. The combination is a perfect match that lifts the dish to new heights. And all it takes is a few grams of caviar per person."

John Um is Executive Sushi Chef for the whole Sushi Samba chain.

`Here is one of my favourites´

Toro & Caviar


  • O toro tartar 40g
  • Nori 1/2 sheet
  • Sushi Rice 90g
  • Frisée 10g
  • Caviar 5g
  • Yuzu Panca sauce 10g (yuzu no salt 3g, aji panca 7g, grated garlic 1/4 teaspoon)
  • Salt powder pinch (kosher salt, tapioca powder)
  • Eatable Gold

Carelian Caviar´s best tips

Cauliflower purée with caviar

Cauliflower boiled in cream, mixed until smooth, seasoned with salt and pepper, then serve with caviar, spring onion-infused oil, passion fruit and beetroot crisps.

Smoked salmon mousse with caviar

Chopped smoked salmon and crème fraiche, blended until smooth and served with caviar and pomegranate seeds.

Caviar chips

Decorated potato chips with sour cream or crème fraiche, Nordic Black Caviar and dill.

Beef tartare with caviar

Finely chopped fillet of beef, seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper, and served with, caviar, pickled red onion (both chopped and in wedges for decoration) and sour cream.